Verdé as a brand was created to push the boundaries of future trends when it comes to Fashion.

Our employees & partners love to travel. Within our brand our team have not only visited, but lived and also studied in major cities around the world. Our brand takes inspiration from travel and mould these experiences into our collections.


We want these experiences to not only reflect in our designs, fabric, and garments.. but within our customer service and the experience our team has dealing with multiple cultures.


On top of this, customer service is something we feel is currently lacking in the online shopping world and something that we will go above & beyond to make right for our customers day in, day out. Here at Verdé, we will always make it a priority to give back to our customers. We are on a constant daily mission to ensure shopping with Verdé is an 'experience' for each customer. 


Thank you for supporting us, the midst of a 50 year vision.


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